Volvo XC 60 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

Brand new Volvo XC 60 2022 has been distinctively redesigned. It is an upgraded version of the SUV offered back in 2018. It has a meticulously crafted interior and exterior. Combine that with the most effective and efficient powertrains, the result in Volvo XC 60 2022. The fancy SUV is an excellent alternative to dying German cars like Audi and BMW.

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Key Specifications of Volvo XC 60 2022: Engine Performance, Fuel Mileage, Transmission, Warranty

Engine Performance

Volvo XC 60 2022 is expected to break all barriers of high performance. The majestic SUV is offered in 3 different powertrains. What Volvo calls a B5, B6, and T8 engine. B5 is a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that is capable of producing a respectable 247 horsepower when it is coupled with a 48-volt hybrid system. The B6 has similar engine specifications but a supercharger provides the extra spark to power. It carries the output up to 295 hp. At last but certainly, not least is the mighty T8 engine. The plug-in hybrid is all geared to power up your rides with a humongous 400 horsepower and 415 hp when a supercharger is added.

Fuel Economy

The basic variants of the new Volvo XC 60 can deliver 23 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highways. The top-of-the-line trims with plugin hybrid are known to cover 26 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highways. But the highlight is 19 miles added to its range via EV mode. This brings its combined range to 500 miles, which is pretty impressive considering the size of its engine.

Transmission & Suspension

All trims of Volvo XC 60 2022 are laced with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission. The B5 trim is the only one offered in both, the all-wheel-drive AWD and forward-wheel drive FWD modes. The other two, B6 & T8 variants are available in all-wheel-drive mode only. The suspension of the Volvo XC 60 is known to be smooth normally but it can give you a nudge on bumpy terrains.


Volvo XC 60 2022 comes with a standard 4-year or 50,000 miles limited & powertrain warranty. This period is extended up to a commendable 8-year or 100,000 miles for the warranty of hybrid components. Complimentary maintenance is covered for 3-years or 36,000 miles for all Volvo owners.

Stand Out Features in Volvo XC 60 2022: Safety & Others

Volvo XC 60 has been receiving the best safety ratings over the last few years. We expect Volvo XC 60 to be no different. As the SUV is equipped with all safety-related modern tech. This includes forward collision warning, front and rear automatic braking, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, automatic high-beams, and windshield wipers, and lane-keep assist

Some other noticeable features are:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Hands-free tailgate
  • Auto-dimming mirror
  • Brembo front brakes
  • Gold-colored seat belts
  • 15-speaker Bowers
  • Wilkins premium audio system
  • Air suspension

Dimensions of Volvo XC 60 2022

Volvo XC 60 weighs a modest 4800 lbs. The overall length and height of the Volvo XC 60 2022 are 185 & 65 inches, respectively. It has a wheelbase extending up to 113 inches and the width of the Volvo XC 60 2022 is 76 inches. The luxury SUV offers a generous 17 cubic foot cargo space as well.

Two Key Competitors of Volvo XC 60 2022

The two main competitors to the new Volvo XC 60 2022 are:

  • BMW X3: Comfortable, quiet, composed, and trendy is the all lavish BMW X3. Though German cars have been lacking the touch of perfection recently, this car has performed to our expectations. BMW has also entered the race in producing a car with an EV powertrain, BMW X3 is one such attempt. The main highlight of the BMW X3 is its healthy engine firing out 473 hp.
  • Audi Q5: Q5 was Audi’s best-seller in the U.S and its refreshed models have hit the market. The target audience of the Audi Q5 and Volvo XC 60 is similar. The performance of its Swedish counterpart is slightly better, but Q5 has an edge over it as it has more high-end tech.

Prices of All Variants of Volvo XC 60 2022

Momentum             $43,000
R-Design             $49,000
Inscription             $51,000
Recharge             $55,000
Polestar             $71,000

Should You Buy Volvo XC 60 2022?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon, whether you’re willing to invest such huge amounts of money in a car or not. If you agree on doing so then Volvo is known to provide good value for money. XC 60 is a top-of-the-line luxury segment SUV. It has a high-performing engine and all the fancy features you can expect in a premium car. Check out ratings of Volvo XC 60 2022 from different platforms:



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