Toyota Raize 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

Toyota Raize (or Daihatsu Rocky) is a small crossover/SUV (subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Daihatsu/Toyota, Japan. First launched in the Japanese market in November 2019, based on the DNGA platform, The Toyota Raize has a cleaner design than the C-HR crossover. The exterior of the B-SUV Toyota Raize, at first glance, feels like a miniature RAV4. The vehicle is developed on Daihatsu’s new DNGA platform (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) instead of Toyota‘s TGNA.

What’s New for the latest model?

The urban SUV Raize size looks larger than the current A-segment hatchback models but is smaller than the popular B-class SUVs. The front of the car is square and angular. The large black grille occupies the entire front of the vehicle. The whole exterior is healthy, youthful and quite eye-catching. Sport sinewy design light set. The fog lamp socket has an additional positioning LED strip.

Featured with slender horizontal LED taillights and connected by a thick black plastic bar. Badosoc arranged 2 black plastic niches above the reflective lights to create accents. Raize uses a set of 17-inch tires with a tornado design. The new DNGA platform allows the Toyota Raize to achieve the necessary rigidity while keeping the vehicle’s weight as low as possible, thereby ensuring the balanced, stable driving experience needed. The exterior design is clearly influenced by the RAV4 elder in the US market: The front is square, the body is muscular, and the rear is sporty. Target customers are young families and individuals.

The most famous trim levels of Toyota Raize are:

  1. Toyota Raize 1.0T GR Sport
  2. Toyota Raize 1.2G

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The power of rookie Toyota Raize 2022 comes from a 1.0L turbocharged gasoline engine block, 3 cylinders, the capacity of 98 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 140 Nm at 2,400 rpm range. -4,000 rpm. In addition, there is also a naturally aspirated 1.2L engine version with a maximum capacity of 88 horsepower and maximum torque of 115 Nm that will be launched soon. Toyota Raize 2022 uses D-CVT dual-drive system. The mini-SUV has both a 2WD single-wheel drive version or a 4WD 2-wheel drive version.

By combining the 1.0-litre turbo engine with D-CVT, the Raize 2022 achieves the torque and driving of a 1.5-litre engine as well as outstanding gas mileage. D-CVT adds split gears to the old CVT belt drives and uses both belt and gear to attain high speed and improve transmission efficiency.

The Interior and Comfort of the car


Despite relatively modest size parameters, the small SUV Toyota Raize 2022 still has a spacious interior space and an eye-catching design. Front row seats with hugging design seats. Black felt chair with eye-catching red lines. The rear seats of Raize are in the form of a 3-seat bench with separate headrests. The interior of Toyota Raize 2022 is considered modern and good-looking.

The instrument panel of the all-new Raize 2022 has been designed to ensure an outstanding view from the driver’s seat. The gear lever has been positioned so that it can be simply operated by a simple extension of the left hand. The simplicity in functions allows the driver to concentrate fully on the road. With the raised angles of side-support sections and modifications in the backrest and side pads, passengers will have a new feeling of support from occupants.



  • Length: 4030 mm
  • Height: 1635mm
  • Width: 1710mm
  • Wheelbase: 2525
  • Cargo space: 369 liters

Infotainment and Connectivity

The 9-inch floating central LCD screen allows for convenient control, connectivity and entertainment information. The display enables the use of apps that are compatible with Smart-Device-Link and Apple Car-Play. Automatic air conditioning system, 3-spoke steering wheel with audio buttons and hands-free conversation. Modern digital dashboard. Even the driver can choose 4 display modes for the clock screen with 4 different styles: Advanced, Exciting, Simple and Analog. The LED speedometer and 7-inch LCD display are integrated as if they are on a single screen giving a cutting-edge feel. Customers have options to choose between four display styles:

  1. Advanced
  2. Exciting
  3. Simple
  4. Analog

Estimated Pricing of Toyota Raize 2022

  • The Toyota Raize 1.2L MT is accessible at a beginning cost of 210 million IDR.

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