Best Car Alarms in 2022

Modern vehicles have highly advanced anti-theft systems, but thieves are always developing ways to circumvent them, especially recently. The FBI reports that car thefts in the United States rose by 11.8% in 2020 compared to 2019, and the pattern has persisted. While we lack complete data, the first quarter of

Wash Your Car with The Best Car Pressure Washers 2022

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of a recently washed automobile. When opposed to a car wash, a pressure washer allows you to customize your cleaning procedure while also saving you money over time. The pressure washer enables you to access areas that your neighborhood vehicle wash just cannot in the

Best Universal Mud Flaps in 2022 Reviewed

The venerable mud flap performs an underappreciated function by gathering road debris to stop tires from throwing mud at unaware motorists. A decent set of mud flaps lowers stone chips along the rocker panel and rear bumper, reducing areas where rust can form from repeated contact to water and dirt.

Best Car Remote Starters For 2022

Your car has been roasting in the sun for hours because it is hot and humid. Or if it’s considerably below freezing, the glass of the car is covered with ice, and you need gloves merely to hold the steering wheel. A remote car starter would come in handy in

Best Windshield Repair Kits in 2022 on Amazon

For most drivers, windshield chips are an unfortunate reality. Pebbles and other small debris are frequently deposited on road surfaces, and these materials can all be made into missiles by other drivers’ tires. While the majority of them are unintentional, a direct collision almost always results in a chip. This

The Best Dog Seat Belts and Car Harnesses in 2022

With Fido along for the ride, road excursions are much more enjoyable, but canine travel has unique safety considerations. In the event of an accident, an unattended dog runs the risk of becoming injured or killed and could endanger other passengers if it jumps into the driver’s lap or falls

2022’s Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers for Your Trucks

Don’t pay attention to the technical details and industry speak that automakers spout about their pickup vehicles. All of it is foolishness. The bed is the only thing that matters. Well, mostly speaking. Additionally crucial is payload capacity. In either case, a truck’s bed is what gives it its versatility.