Mazda BT-50 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimension

The Mazda BT-50 was first launched in 2006 at the Bangkok Motor Show, the BT-50 is the successor of the B-series pickup that was produced up until 2005. The BT-50 is classified as a medium sized pickup truck and is known for its reliability and dependability across the globe. The B- series and the BT550 were one of the many cars that were developed in a joint partnership between Ford and Mazda that started in 1974 all the way until 2015. As a result of the partnership many cars were developed together and were sold either as Fords with Mazda drivetrains or vice versa. The first-generation Mazda BT-50 was unveiled in 2006 and it utilized the 2.5- and 3.0-liter Duratorq engine developed by Ford, paired with a 5- speed automatic transmission.

The second generation was launched in October 2010 at the Australian International Motor Show with a 2.2l diesel inline-4 and a 3.2l inline-5 which is a diesel too. The second generation received more equipment as standard and also had a minor facelift in 2015.


In 2020, after much anticipation and hype, the third generation of the BT-50 was launched on the 19th of June 2020 at the Australian International Motor Show. This time the BT-50 was largely different from its predecessors, it was based on the third- generation, Isuzu D-max instead of the Ford Ranger. The BT-550 was now styled to match the design language of the other Mazda cars in its lineups, examples being the swooping front grilles and curvy headlights similar to those found on the CX-3, CX-5 and CX-7. The third generation of the BT received lots of safety features and luxurious amenities such as blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, auto emergency breaking and adaptive cruise control, unlike most cars which make use of a radar sensor to enable adaptive cruise control, the BT-50 instead uses a twin camera system which are placed in the windscreen, this is so that off-road accessories can be installed without interfering with the adaptive cruise control system. All variants of the BT-50 are powered by 3.0-liter turbo diesel which makes 140kW and 450Nm of torque or 187hp and 331 lb.-ft of torque. Power is put down by an optional 4wd system, or else you receive the standard 2-wheel drive system. Here are the trim levels for the BT-50.

XT Dual Cab Chassis 4×2 XT Dual Cab Pick-up 4×2 XTR Dual CabPick-up 4×2 XT Dual Cab Chassis4x4 XT Dual CabPick-up 4×4 XTR Dual CabPick-up 4×4 GT Dual CabPick-up 4×4

The BT-50 has always been a reliable workhorse, rugged and dependable for whatever you throw at it, whether it be towing, hauling a large payload, or simply commuting from Point A to Point B, the BT-50 can do it all. The BT-50 is available to the public at a starting price of $44,090 AUD for the dual-cab 4×2 variant, with the range topping GT dual-cab being $59,990. The BT isn’t a very big vehicle with moderate dimensions, the wheelbase length comes in at 3,125 mm (123.0 in) with a width of 1,810–1,870 mm (71.3–73.6 in) and a height of 1,690–1,790 mm (66.5–70.5 in). These dimensions also make the BT a very rugged and capable off-roader when paired with its 4-wheel drive system.

Key competitors of the BT-50 come from manufacturers like Toyota with the Hilux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, Volkswagen Amarok and the Mercedes X-class. The BT-50 is expected to take away a fair share of sales away from the market dominating Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. Although Mazda might need to offer aggressive discounts to drive more buyers away from the Hilux as in the current market the Hilux offers a very good value proposition with its features and its reputation for being very reliable.

The BT-50 has proven to be super reliable, however, in 2021, 130 examples of the 2020 BT-50 had to be recalled for issues related to the seatbelt, its mechanical cousin, the Isuzu D-max was recalled for the same reason too. Another common failure point on the BT-50 can be the diesel fuel injectors, usage of poor-quality diesel is the major contributing factors in failing of some engines and injectors.

Overall, the DT-50 is a really solid, reliable and stylish pickup truck at an interesting price point. It certainly puts up a good fight with its competitors, but it has a long way before it can make it to the top of the sales board, discounts on prices or better packages with the car. Mazda needs to run a rigorous ad campaign to market the car to the masses as the BT-50 still isn’t as popular as other pickup trucks in the segment. If you are looking for a dependent workhorse, the BT-50 is the right choice for you.

Mazda BT-50 2022 Dimension

  • Height 182 cm
  • Width 185 cm
  • Length 536 cm
  • Ground clearance unladen 23 cm
  • Wheelbase 322 cm
  • Weight 2095 kg
  • Turning circle 12.4 m
  • Tyre size 265/65 R17
  • Wheel size 17x8in

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