How to Sleep in the Car – 5 Tips to Remember

Some people prefer ​​sleeping in the car while they travel for long distance. So what points do they need to pay attention to ensure your safety?

On long trips, if you want to save money on accommodation, some people have often think about sleeping in the car. So what points you need to pay attention to ensure your safety.

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Car trips brings you numerous memories. For those who don’t want to waste money on renting a hotel room or likes to have their experience in the car with beautiful night scenes, it is essential to have some advices to be comfortable, safe and clean. Here are five general tips for “trippers”.

1. Make sure you have all necessary equipment and belongings

You can use compact, lightweight devices that can be stored in a travel bag that saves space in the car and is convenient when needed. First and foremost, there should be a blanket to keep you warm.

The list of equipment should include: warm wool blanket, multipurpose sleeping bag, mini tent, 1 liter of water, 2 packaged canned food (or instant cooked), a small mini cooker, multi-purpose cutlery, multi-functional towel, boots for muddy roads, repair kits, medium backpacks, wool caps, gloves, head lights, daggers, 15-30m long rope, eye mask, lighters.

2. Choose a safe location and comfortable space to stop

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Make sure that the place for a long stop and an overnight sleep will not require you watch out your vehicle in some cases such as having being pulled to another place.

You should park in a spacious place, unobtrusive, trouble-free for the surroundings. Especially when you park in the urban area, make sure you will not cause traffic congestion.

For some developed countries such as Canada, America, South Korea … stopping near gas stations for people are quite popular on the highway. There are convenient stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and drivers can comfortably and safely stop for long hours.

In the countryside area, there are Catholic buildings which is also an ideal stopping option because that is where friendly and nice people to express their beliefs, which ensure that you would be safe parking there throughout the night.

However, you should ask about their next day’s plan there to avoid interrupting people’s ceremonies or to avoid congestion the day after.

Top or middle-class residential areas will also be a public safe place. There are two points to be taken into consideration including: the parking place must have no parking prohibition notice, parking fee or reserved places for other vehicles.

Secondly, you should park close to a valuable car because if that vehicle owner leaves their vehicle in that area, it means it’s a reliable and safe place to park.

Rural areas or freeways: We do not recommend you to park at these places, as security is not ensured at such places. In addition, parking at such areas will obstruct traffic circulation.

But if you have to stop after a long and exhausting drive (mostly with truck driver), you should pull over your vehicle and park at the area adjacent to the road.

3. Keep your privacy

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To avoid waking up being stared by someone, make sure you are totally separate from the “outside world”. Use a piece of cloth or similar fabrics to block out your window from outside.

Generally, you’ll want to take your belongings and push them to the sides, up on the rear window area, and possibily on the dash board.

4. Ensure ventilation

This is a very important thing to remember because if you are in a tight locked up car, with the windows shut, the temperature in the car will be hot, humid and smelly in the car.

Also, the windows will be covered in condensation, and you’ll feel uncomfortable. If the car has a sunroof, then open and purchase additional equipment for the sunroof from the nearby spare parts store.

Open the sunroof if possible to ensure air circulation, but small enough that a person or animals could not sneak in. If you can have much ventilation in your car, you can turn it into a safe, ideal and solid outdoor tent.

However, it should be noted that if it is raining or if there is no sunroof, your windows should be open to let air circulate inside the car.

5. Make your in-car-sleeping experience as comfortable as possible

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Although car is not the most comfortable place to sleep, but you can try your best to make it as comfortable as possible. Use a sleeping bag as your mattress, but if you don’t have it, you can fold all clothes and towels to be yours.

If you have the option to fold down the back seats, this will be the most comfortable option. But if the front seats do not have this function, then use the back seat and backpacks, soft items for your bedding and footrest.

If you are 1.8 meters or taller, you will tend to lie back in an angle of the back seat to maximize space, but actually you may just lay on one side and put legs in a slightly bent position. The last thing to remember is to wear eye mask and enjoy your sleep.

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