GAC GS8 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

The Chinese brand Trumpchi has finally revealed the renewed design of its very hot 7-seat FWD SUV car. The new design is tough, more in line with the Chinese aesthetics. The new sharp lines introduced in the all-new model of GAC GS8 give the car a strong sense of strength. The new model has a shape similar to its predecessor, but the overall look is completely different.

The new design of the GAC GS8 makes it look like a Cadillac crossover. The rugged front-end design with a new aesthetic grille and vertical headlights give this next-generation a new radical appearance reminiscent of the current Cadillac’s design language. GAC has managed to modify the car’s overall exterior, but it has also added a new flavor to the interior of this luxurious model.

What’s New for the GAC GS8 2022?

The new model of this amazing SUV looks formidable. The massive front “Dragon Scale Wing” grille flanked by the new boomerang-style LED headlights gives the all-new SUV a classy and muscular look. The sides of the car have also been redesigned, giving a look sleeker and smoother than before. The rear-end does not feature any drastic changes, but it surely is more modern and refined, having the large “Red Lights” taillights, twin exhausts, a spoiler up top.

Compared to the previous generation, the second generation of GS8 has an overall 24% improvement in driving, 28.3% in steering response, and a 30% increase in brakes. This efficiency has been increased by a margin of 5% and the response time of all-wheel drive by 25%.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The all-new variant of GAC GS8 shares technology with Toyota. The new platform has been designed with four characteristics in mind: comfort, luxury, space, and performance. This Toyota-powered hi-tech GAC GS8 has a powertrain of a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four with a rear-mounted electric motor. Despite its platform, the new variant is also built on GPMA-L available with Toyota Hybrid System. This hybrid version mates a 190 hp engine that drives the front axle with a 54 hp electric motor that drives the rear axle.

The fuel-powered variant of GS8 2022 is based on the “Julang Power” platform. This powertrain configuration produces the power of 252 hp with a 390 Nm of torque (in China), having a new eight-speed automatic transmission from Aisin. The GS8 2022 is also available with an upgraded 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the hood if you don’t prefer the hybrid engine.

The Interior and Comfort of the car

The interior of the upgraded GS8 retains its elegance, but with the modifications, it now has a sporty and more futuristic look. The dashboard now features a gigantic touchscreen mounted front and center paired with an equally large digital instrument cluster.

The white quilted leather makeover given to the seats gives the cabin a premium vibe. GAC also offers a classy combination of dark gray with a black finish accentuated by green trim. There are also three choices available in seating configuration: a five, a seven, and a six-seater with second-row Captain’s Seats.


  • Length: 4980 mm
  • Height: 1780 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2920 mm
  • Width: 1950 mm

Infotainment and Connectivity

The GAC GS8 2022 has a highly digitalized interior, boasting a 12.25-inch digital instrument cluster surrounded by a 14.6-inch center touchscreen that controls almost every car’s function. The hi-tech display has discarded the need for physical control buttons. This 14.6-inch screen covers 99% of the vehicle’s control functions and has a built-in ADIGO4.0 system. It is worth mentioning that the car is also equipped with an AR-HUD system. Featuring a floating lower center console with options like wireless charging, the GAC GS8 has stepped up the interior game of SUV lineage.

Pricing of Toyota Corolla Cross 2022

  • The retail price of the GAC GS8 2022 is $24,450
  • The retail price of the highest trim level of GAC GS8 2022 is $29,832

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