Kia Sorento 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

Kia Sorento 2022 is a classy mid-sized SUV that offers several powertrain options. It is elegant on the outside and has a rugged interior. It is one of the few mid-sized SUVs to offer three-rowed seating. Though the cargo space is somewhat compromised due to it, still Kia Sorento is

Nissan Pathfinder 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimension

There is something audacious about the design of Nissan Pathfinder 2022. It has a bold look on the outside and an elegant touch on the inside. The impressive towing capacity of 6000 lb is an announcement of power in itself. Apart from stiff handling & steering, the fresh-minty styling and

Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimension

With multi-axis and multi-dimensional exterior, surprisingly elegant cabin, and high-end features brand new Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 is all set to rock the markets. Mitsubishi has worked really hard to make the exterior of this car worth your money. However, the engine and transmission of the car could’ve been upgraded a

Kia Sportage 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

Kia Sportage 2022 has been redesigned with great elegance. It is smart, flexible, and powerful. It was the top pick of safety institute IIHS for the past 2 years. This model has received an even better safety rating. It has satisfying performance and handling. Its turbocharged engine can give you

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

You can surely anticipate greatness with this larger-than-life and larger-than-usual SUV. The all-new grand SUV gives refreshed meaning to style, comfort, and adventure. Its over-the-top features can make anyone fall in love with this car. It has a gorgeous and gigantic interior. Though this size is its negative point as

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

Brand new Land Cruiser 2022 is bolder, lighter, and stronger. It is bound to make a distinctive and authoritative entry in the auto market. Sadly, the Land Cruiser 2022 also called 300-series would not be available for sale in the United States and Western Europe. Due to the high demand

Honda HR-V 2022 Detail, Prices, Specifications & Dimensions

The glossy, shiny, and lustrous exterior of the Honda HR-V can capture your attention instantly. It has an above-average fuel mileage for an SUV. But even with its two-way rear seats, versatile cargo space, and exquisitely built cabin, it stands no chance against other subcompact SUVs. The biggest drawback of