Best Universal Mud Flaps in 2022 Reviewed

The venerable mud flap performs an underappreciated function by gathering road debris to stop tires from throwing mud at unaware motorists. A decent set of mud flaps lowers stone chips along the rocker panel and rear bumper, reducing areas where rust can form from repeated contact to water and dirt. The protection it provides is less obvious. In terms of appearance, mud flaps alter a vehicle’s attitude by giving a car a rally-inspired flare or toughening up a truck’s rear three-quarter angle.

Fresh mud flaps instantly enhance a vehicle’s appearance, and they are typically simple to install. The installer can utilize factory-provided nuts, bolts, and mounting points when installing new mud flaps in place of the old ones. Selecting mounting locations for mud flaps on a car that has never had them installed needs a bit more creativity, but many universal mud flap kits include with hardware to make installation simpler.

These top-rated mud flaps provide protection, style, and durability. Although vehicle-specific mud flap kits offer a personalized fit and simpler installation, we have linked to universal kits when they are available for your convenience.

List of The Best Universal Mud Flaps in 2022 on

#1 CAT Heavy Duty Splash Guards for Caterpillar

 CAT Heavy Duty Splash Guards for Caterpillar

There are mud flaps with a little higher rating available, but who would pay twice as much for them? The winner is Caterpillar since it offers a set of four mud flaps that are half an inch thick for the same price as a set of two from a rival. The bottom of these CAT flaps is weighted with reflective material, which restricts excessive movement and increases visibility at night. Be cautioned that if the car does not already have factory splash guards, adding these hety flaps will probably necessitate drilling into the stock wheel wells.

What We Like:

  • For the price of two, get a complete set of four flaps and screws.
  • Rugged conditions are unlikely to cause substantial building to tear or break.
  • For muddy, slushy climates, thick, heavy-duty mud flaps are excellent.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Many cars require drilling.
  • Certain applications could need extra screws or grommets.
  • Because of the obvious Caterpillar branding, a vehicle’s standard appearance is altered.

#2 Mud flaps for a Lund EX dually truck

 Mud flaps for a Lund EX dually truck

The mud flaps of Lund’s EX series have bottom weights and rust-resistant stainless steel backing plates to assist them withstand salty slush. EX flap kits come with a mounting bracket to ensure a factory fit and are specially made for specific truck models. The majority of double-axle trucks are reliable workhorses, just like these tough flaps. The Lund EXs have basic aesthetics, therefore they have little discernible impact on a truck’s appearance. These flaps have the drawback that not every truck can use them, therefore it is wise to check the fit before making a purchase.

What We Like:

  • affordable cost from a reputable truck equipment supplier
  • Using a vehicle-specific kit makes installation simple and fast.
  • Surface has ridges and texture for easier cleaning

What We Don’t Like:

  • Before placing an order, be sure it fits your precise year, make, and model.
  • Although stainless steel weight has a dazzling sheen, it is not made of anything specifically reflective.
  • basic appearance on a budget

#3 Mud Flaps Rek Gen REK-Mesh Offset

 Mud Flaps Rek Gen REK-Mesh Offset

These flaps are pricey, but Rek Gen won best in class by making a dramatic statement for the fashion-conscious off-road crowd, something no other off-road mud flap has managed to do. The REK-Mesh flaps blend in perfectly with contemporary four-wheel setups that value appearance just as much as functionality. The piece gains an aerodynamic component from the grated grille design, and the tiered construction provides room for movement on the trail. For those who live outside, the universal design of this accessory makes it suitable for everything from a basic vehicle to a raised build with fender flares and bigger tires.

What We Like:

  • bold style
  • Continual guarantee
  • Variety of sizes and uses are accommodated right out of the box.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low pricing only includes two flaps, not four.
  • Installation requires simple assembly.
  • Longer included hardware bolts would make installation simpler.

#4 Mud Flap Rally Armor Universal

 Mud Flap Rally Armor Universal

Rally Armor is well-known for being the brand of choice for novice rally drivers, and the high cost of their vehicle-specific flap kits is evidence of this. Choose the universal flap instead, which is sold alone without mounting hardware. DIYers who feel confident bringing their own mounting hardware and, if necessary, trimming a flap to size, can save up to 20% in comparison to Rally Armor’s vehicle-specific kits. Although the design is simple, the construction is robust. Even if you don’t intend to follow in the footsteps of Ken Block or Michèle Mouton, street cred comes as standard.

What We Like:

  • A nice reduction on the cachet of a well-known brand
  • Proven longevity in challenging environments
  • a broad range of vehicles

What We Don’t Like:

  • Even when bought as a group of four, they are still quite pricey.
  • Basic designs don’t seem particularly unique or have safety reflective qualities.
  • Customers are forced to supply their own hardware, and occasionally drilling on the vehicle is needed.

#5 Universal Mud Flaps by Xukey

 Universal Mud Flaps by Xukey

Xukey’s universal mud flaps function perfectly for individuals who occasionally travel off-road but don’t frequently cross salty Arctic tundra at a budget-friendly price. The semi-rigid mud guards are simple yet reliable and may be drilled and cut to fit a range of vehicles. Because it comes in black, red, and even imitation carbon fiber finishes, this inexpensive option appeals to DIYers who are accustomed to performing simple retrofits.

What We Like:

  • Exorbitant pricing range
  • Three color options and a squared-off design give some style.
  • uniform fit

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some vehicles may not be compatible with the included hardware.
  • To ensure good fit, some vehicles will require drilling either the flap or the wheel well.
  • Xukey branding that is embossed is ugly.

FAQs on Mud Flap

Do mud flaps make sense?

Mud flaps are an excellent option if you drive on dirt roads or in any unpaved regions because they help protect your paint and trim from road debris, rock chips, and slush in addition to just mud. Mud flaps can also assist in preventing corrosion if you are in a region that receives a lot of snow and salt from the roads.

Workability of WeatherTech Mud Flaps

WeatherTech Mud Flaps often perform a decent job of providing four seasons protection for paint and trim, depending on the application. Consider OEM-style mud flaps from a company that offers custom fitment to your car or truck if you’re searching for model-specific mud flaps, such as the best mud flaps for the 2018 F150 or 2019 Ram 1500.

What advantages do mud flaps offer?

Mud flaps shield your paint and trim from mud as well as dust, rock chips, and road debris. When off-roading or traveling on dirt roads, they are used to keep mud and water off of U joints, axles, and other suspension and underbody parts. This increases the durability of your automobile or truck. Due to this, mud flaps are a common feature of rally and off-road competition cars.

What distinguishes splash guards from mud flaps?

In essence, mud flaps and splash guards are the same thing; they both shield quarter panels and rocker panels from damage and cutting. However, different geographic areas tend to favor one name over the other.

Top Features to Think About Before Purchasing Mud Flaps


Ideally, choose mud flaps manufactured of high-quality thermoplastic with a UV-resistant coating to preserve finish and pliability. Mud flaps that claim UV resistance and all-weather durability are also preferable. Mud flaps need to be rigid enough to protect your fender from road debris and mud spray while remaining flexible enough not to split.

installation equipment

Some mud flaps can be installed with no additional fender or fender liner drilling. For example, the best mud flaps for the Ram 2500 and 2020 Ram 1500 use the same bolt pattern as the OEM mud guards and don’t need to be drilled.


If the mud flaps you choose are too thin for your tires, they won’t effectively block mud and dirt spray, especially if you’re seeking for the best mud flaps for raised vehicles. The finest mud flaps for Ram 2500 or 3500 full-size trucks will be quite different in size and shape from the best mud flaps for WRX rally cars for this reason.

Fender-mounted vs. Hitch-mounted

Consider a set of hitch mounted mud flaps if you need mud flaps for a monster truck or for towing, as these typically give more width and flexibility. Fender mounted mud flaps are probably what you want if you want a more stock or rally appearance.

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