The Best Hitch-Mount Cargo Carriers 2022

When getting ready for a holiday or a lengthy travel for work or play, even the largest vehicles rapidly fill up. Many people rely on external cargo carriers, such as hard soft roofing systems, to relieve the squeeze. But a multipurpose hitch-mount style cargo carrier is difficult to beat when the load is large, filthy, or otherwise awkward.

Cargo carriers that attach to a hitch offer enhanced usability, accessibility, and portability. The current style is a basic rack unit that can be customized with manufacturer-sold modular additions to match your unique needs. Basic variants are often a simple tray-style open to the elements, while deluxe models include weathertight cargo bins. They’ve been used to transport everything from bicycles to barbecues, motorcycles to porta potties, in our experience.

You must have a trailer hitch on your car in order to use one. Today’s cars and trucks come with a hitch, which is typical of SUVs and crossovers. The rectangular tube under the rear bumper that generally houses a trailer ball hitch is where the cargo racks are attached. When selecting a rear-mounted cargo carrier, factors to take into account include the vehicle’s hitch class (2 inches or 1.25 inches; typically, smaller vehicles utilize the latter), cargo weight, size, and the frequency of exterior freight transportation.

Each category’s products are included in the choices below. The top hitch-mount cargo carriers are listed below.

List of The Best The Best Hitch-Mount Cargo Carriers 2022 on

#1 EXO Yakima

 EXO Yakima

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With the EXO, a hitch-mounted system that serves as a programmable double-decker cargo carrier, Yakima is reinventing the way that gear is stored. Among the available accessories are a two-bike tray rack, a luggage basket that transforms into a handy wagon for ground transportation, and a weatherproof storage box. The design enables accessory swapping as necessary, and the ingenious base arm extends out to the side to provide full access to hatches and other openings.

What We Like::

  • Location toward the back increases fuel efficiency and frees up roof space.
  • Swing Base attaches to 2-inch hitch receivers, and stacking TopShelf enables the installation of modular parts without the use of tools.
  • There is no need to load or unload; the system can be disconnected and relocated even when loaded.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Suitable only for Class 3 (2-inch tube) hitch receivers.
  • Expensive: Additional organizer totes cost $50 apiece, Top Shelf $380, Gear Locker $400, and Swingarm Base costs approximately $500.

#2 Rambler Reese Pro Series

 Rambler Reese Pro Series

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A reliable company’s sturdy cargo carrier tray is the Reese Pro Series Rambler. The high shank, which elevates the cargo and aids in protecting it from contacting the ground, distinguishes it from other cargo trays and enhances ground clearance. Small things are prevented from dropping through the mesh tray. Despite having the appearance of a basket carrier, it is actually a tray design.

What We Like::

  • metal mesh floor that is simple to clean.
  • Cargo carrying capacity of 500 pounds.
  • The black powder coating is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and the elements.

What We Don’t Like::

  • Some customers claim that with time, the assembly bolts corrode.
  • Wobble is caused by play in the hitch receiver, which can be repaired with an aftermarket tightening bolt.
  • only works with 2-inch hitch receivers.

#3 Eaz-Lift Camco 48475″

 Eaz-Lift Camco 48475

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The Camco is a top-notch, reasonably priced hitch-mount cargo carrier that competes with more expensive options. It costs around $60. The Reese Pro Rambler is smaller in size than this model, which costs roughly a third less, but it has a similarly durable construction and protective coating. The carrier is fixed securely to the tray by the hitch pin, substantially eliminating wobbling. It is simple to install and detach the cargo tray from a vehicle once it has been constructed.

What We Like:

  • large quantity of favorable customer reviews.
  • 22 pounds; can be carried and stored by one person with ease.
  • Included is a hitch pin.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Fits only Class 3 2-inch hitches.
  • The widely separated rungs can cause cargo to tumble out.
  • initial assembly is necessary.

#4 Curt 18145

 Curt 18145

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Smaller cargo carriers that are thinner than the vehicles they are hauling are typically required for compact vehicles with smaller hitches (1.25-inch, Class 1 or Class 2; not 2-inch receivers). With a strong 48 by 20-inch basket that can hold 350 pounds, the Curt 18145 basket carrier is ideal. After initial setup, everything goes without a hitch. When traveling without cargo, this does not fold up like Curt carriers for larger vehicles.

What We Like:

  • dependable construction
  • Basket design secures cargo
  • Increases capacity to 500 pounds and includes an adaptor for 2-inch hitches.

What We Don’t Like:

  • lengthy setup and inadequate instruction sheet
  • Not all bolt holes aligned up, some users complained.
  • The largest item that can fit inside the basket measures 46-3/4 by 18-3/4 inches.

#5 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin from Rubbermaid

 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin from Rubbermaid

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The Rubbermaid ActionPacker is less expensive than rooftop cargo boxes and typically has a more flexible area layout. The catch is that in order to use it effectively, you must already have a hitch-mount cargo rack. Although there are several soft bags for trailer-hitch cargo carriers, the ActionPacker is weatherproof, lockable, and won’t flap in the wind like a soft carrier might in inclement weather. It will fit on a typical cargo carrier, such as the Reese Pro Series Rambler shown above (secured correctly, of course), measuring 44.5 inches wide by 20.625 inches deep, with a little extra room on the side for dirty or heavy equipment. The fact that it is not just appropriate for hitch-mount freight carriers is an added benefit.

What We Like:

  • Watertight, robust design
  • Lockable
  • is simple to remove and carry to a campsite or dock.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users claim that upon loading, the top window closes.
  • The built-in carrying handles should be stronger.
  • Permanent installations lack hard mounting provisions.

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