Best Car Roof Racks in 2022 Reviews

Few of us live close to a bike path, river, or mountain, and it can be challenging to put large outdoor recreational equipment like bikes and kayaks in a trunk or back seat. All of the top roof racks provide a practical way to transport and secure this gear.

We looked at simplicity of use, capacity, and stability while testing the top roof racks for skis, kayaks, and bicycles for this evaluation. However, keep in mind that to install most roof racks, including the ones we advise, you’ll need a car with roof side rails.

List of Best Car Roof Racks in 2022 on

# The Yakima Front Loader

 The Yakima Front Loader

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It can transport everything from a road bike with any normal wheel size to an aggressive full-suspension bike-park setup with tires as wide as 3 inches, making this one-bike rack a flexible alternative. Your paint work will be protected because the rack connects to your tires rather than your frame. Some prefer the safety of a rack that mounts via the front hub of your bicycle, but this configuration is unquestionably speedier and accommodates a wider range of wheel sizes and choices without the need for adapters. Additionally, you don’t need to remove your wheel, which saves time and space inside your car for storage.

# FastRide by Thule

 FastRide by Thule

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Instead of supporting your front wheel, Thule’s FastRide clips to the hub. The rack is compatible with the majority of quick release and thru-axle bikes, however some quick-release sizes and thru-axle forks require an adaptor. When clamping in your bike, the built-in torque limiting knob makes sure you don’t overtighten the fork.

# Yakima FreshTrack

 Yakima FreshTrack

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A bigger model contains six skis or three snowboards, while the FreshTrack can hold up to four skis or two snowboards. Additionally, it enables you to transport both skis and snowboards simultaneously, making it a fantastic choice if your family or group of friends includes both skiers and snowboarders. With gloves on, using the clamp system is straightforward, and putting the rack on crossbars or rails that already exist is also easy and doesn’t require any special equipment.

# Kuat Grip 6

 Kuat Grip 6

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Need to transport enough ski and snow equipment for a team? Let’s start with the Kuat Grip 6 ski and snowboard rack. It can hold up to four snowboards, six pairs of skis, or a combination of the two. Kuat is renowned for creating inventive racks with clever solutions, and this one does not disappoint. It is simpler to load and unload skis and snowboards since the front and rear racks are mounted on rails that pull away from the roof. Then, before driving, just slip them back into position and fasten them. Owners of higher cars or anybody who has had trouble mounting their boards on top of their car or SUV with conventional fixed racks will find that to be extremely beneficial.

# The Thule DockGlide

 The Thule DockGlide

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You may slip your kayak into place before fastening it to the car with this simple kayak roof rack. The rotating saddles and padded pads assist accommodate various hull shapes while protecting the hull of your kayak. The universal mounts are compatible with a variety of crossbar types and sizes, including built-in racks. The middle strap, which holds the kayak in place, has a bumper to protect your car’s roof from damage.

# The Thule Surf Pads

 The Thule Surf Pads

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Thule Surf Pads might help you save a lot of money if you only drive short distances. These pads go over the cross bars of your automobile and have a non-slip surface on the exterior to keep your board in place, however you will need to tie it down with other tie-down straps.

# Thule Portage Canoe Brackets

 Thule Portage Canoe Brackets

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Canoes may be costly, heavy, and awkward while not in the water. To transport them safely, you need a rack that can support their weight and intricacy. These unassuming brackets are capable of doing the job. Their design aids in directing your canoe into position, and the sturdy, long-lasting straps keep it firmly in place once it is perched on your roof. The adaptable canoe rack fits most cross bars from the factory as well as those from Thule and a few other manufacturers.

# The Yakima ReelDeel

 The Yakima ReelDeel

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You are aware of the difficulty in finding a roof rack for fishing rods: Even ones that collapse may quickly become broken, or their lines catch on coolers, tackle boxes, or baggage sharing the same area. Although it would seem simple to just throw them in a trunk. If you frequently travel with rods, it’s best to store them out of the way on your roof. The Yakima ReelDeel is the most effective tool we’ve discovered for doing that. There is enough cushioning to protect your rock, and it can store up to eight fishing rods. If you stop for breakfast on the way to your preferred fishing spot, it will be more difficult to steal your vehicle thanks to a sophisticated locking mechanism. And we adore the fact that you can use this rack to transport up to two snowboards or four pairs of skis throughout the winter.

#46 x 36-Inch Roof Box from MaxxHaul

 46 x 36-Inch Roof Box from MaxxHaul

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If you engage in a range of outdoor activities, a roof box is a great way to transport a lot of stuff. For transporting camping gear, bulky packs, or any other kind of stuff you can’t (or don’t want to) fit in your trunk or back seat, MaxxHaul’s huge, strong roof box, which has excellent user reviews on Amazon, is perfect. With a weight capacity of 150 pounds, this luggage basket fits the majority of stock and aftermarket crossbars.

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